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- About Us -


Our Bakery

Established in 2006 by business owner Jimmy Hibbert, he fulfilled a life-long dream to combine his love for people and family and created a warm and inviting space where people can come and have more than just bread and socialise.

Not Bread Alone Bakery aims to cater for all people and hopes become a place where different people find common ground through our large range of food-products.

in the words of business owner, Jimmy Hibbert; "Our focus on quality food over quantity", and for over 10 years this standard has earned us a strong bond with our customers and to us, that makes the difference.

We are not just about bread but about the people.




With a diverse array of products, we cater for all taste-buds from children to our senior citizens, from chocolate brownies to brown ouma bread made daily, we are confident in the quality of our products.

Though most of our products contain milk and wheat, we do also cater to our lactose intolorent customers with various other options including low carb meals and gluten-free cupcakes.


As for our savoury products, you can be assured that it is 100% meat, with our meat prepared a day before, all our filling is quality. 

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